Maryland Weddings: Marie and Stelios

Congratulations Marie and Stelios!

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Virginia Weddings: Anna and Phil

Congrats Anna and Phil!

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Sushi Taro Omakase!

Linda surprised me for my birthday and our anniversary (I wonder if I would’ve gotten two surprises if our anniversary wasn’t 8 days after my birthday…) by taking me to Sushi Taro for the omakase where you sit in front of chef Nobu Yamazaki for 3 hours and he serves you his best stuff. 30 courses later I’m counting down the days when I can go back for more. It was one of my favorite meals in DC and the interaction with the chef was really fun. Each item was prepared in front of us prior to serving and we even got to choose our sashimi and sushi from their large selection of fish but I usually just let the chef serve what he felt was the best.

One of the courses chef Yamazaki stuffed A5 wagyu with uni, rolled it up and cooked it with a blowtorch before shaving black truffle over the top. Talk about decadent! For most meals that’d be the grand finale but at Sushi Taro, the rest of the meal was just as great. At one point we were a little jealous of the group next to us because it seemed like they were getting special service and I thought to myself, man, it must be nice to be a VIP! Well it turns out that was a VIP group because the girl next to Linda had just gotten engaged to the other sushi chef! I guess I can understand why they got some special courses now…

It’s been over a year since I had great sushi while in Tokyo but now that I’ve tried Sushi Taro, I don’t think I’ll be experiencing as much withdrawal. It was a truly memorable meal and chef Yamazaki was a wonderful chef and host. I can’t wait to go back.


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My Amelia

Amelia Grace: 8 months 10 days

Reading with Grandpa

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